Curiosity and Change

Those who know me understand that there are 5 Cs I try to live my life by. Whenever possible, I actively promote them in my work, especially during workshops and presentations. They are:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Creativity
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Compassion
  5. Community

Embracing Curiosity

Perhaps it was my upbringing as an international development and United Nations baby, with a physical home straddling two continents (South America and Africa), or how my family used our summer holidays to travel and explore countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. 

Whatever the reason, the “curious bug” is in my blood, and I am always eager to learn new things.

One of my favorite quotes by Mahatma Gandhi is:

 “Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.”

Whether it’s trying unknown foods at local markets, reading cookbooks like novels, or diving into scientific articles on preventing diseases, my curiosity is insatiable. 

I’m obsessed with health, but I’m not a fundamentalist. As a parent of young children, I understand the importance of flexibility in diet, ensuring my kids aren’t stigmatized as “difficult eaters.”

Flexibility and Respect

Being flexible, making exceptions
, and going with the flow are mottos I live by. I wouldn’t reject a meal someone has lovingly prepared just because it contains something I prefer not to eat. 

The Maasai taught me this lesson when I lived with them in the Loita Hills of Kenya. Respectfully accepting what is offered, be it milk, meat, or animal blood, is crucial to honoring their hospitality.

Sharing Knowledge and Strategies

Over the past few years, I’ve incorporated my philosophies into my work. I aim to empower people with strategies that help them become more mindful of their food choices and discover the fun of turning the kitchen into the family’s favorite playground. 

Sharing helpful insights fuels my drive to dig deeper into scientifically-backed research, benefiting everyone around me and promoting a fuller, healthier, and happier life.

Evolving Mission of Tribusana

Lately, I’ve felt a shift in my thinking and beliefs, prompting an evolution in Tribusana’s mission. 

What began as sharing healthy recipes and cooking methods has transformed into sharing fewer, more versatile recipes that busy people can adapt to create amazing meals quickly. 

I also provide strategies for better kitchen organization and recommend essential utensils to make cooking at home enjoyable and minimize cleanup.

Questioning Food Sustainability

Now, I’m asking myself, “What about the sustainability of our food system?” Are we making smart food choices for our long-term health and considering the planet’s future? Or are we justifying our choices with labels like “locally produced,” “grass-fed,” and “happy”?

Thanks to the Food Revolution Network 2024 Summit Docuseries (especially episode 8), my perspective has shifted. I no longer find it acceptable to eat consciously only on Meatless Mondays.

A Call to Action

We need to consider adopting a whole foods plant-based (WFPB) diet more frequently
—perhaps four days a week or three weeks a month. This approach more accurately reflects our ancestors’ lifestyle, who were more gatherers than hunters. 

Unlike today, they didn’t face issues like population growth, food waste, ultra-processed foods, and expanding waistlines.

We need to wake up and realize that safeguarding our health, our loved ones’ health, and our planet’s health starts with what we put on our forks, one bite at a time.

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