“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


Florencia Zulberti

Founding Chef

“Eating” the colors of the rainbow

I consider myself a nomad on a mission because I don’t really have a sense of “origin” but I do have a strong sense of purpose or “ikigai” (as the Japanese call it).

After growing up in Kenya for over 16 years and spending another 6 years studying and working in Canada and the United States, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Health, a Master’s degree in Public Health, and over 20 years of work experience in the field of international public health, mainly in the area of prevention. Although I stopped working when I became a full-time mother for 4 years while living in Switzerland, my personal and professional journey has always been driven by my passion for cooking, traveling and sharing the lessons I have gained along the way to improve the wellbeing of others.

I managed to unite these three underlying interests when I moved to Spain in 2017 and decided to pursue a new professional endeavor by studying to become a Professional Chef. This enabled me to work at a prestigious wellness clinic for a year, where I had the great privilege of connecting with guests through my cooking classes and inspiring them to embrace a new way of cooking, eating and healing.

It was this experience that inspired me to found TRIBUSANA at the beginning of 2020 because I realized that most people wait until they hit the wall of illness before making a significant change in their eating habits and lifestyle.

With this renewed sense of purpose and urgency, I felt “at home” again professionally as I returned to the world of disease prevention but this time through the promotion of more mindful way of eating because it became clear to me that our long-term quality of life (and that of the planet’s) is in our hands…or rather in every bite we eat.

That is why today I am very happy to present to you the following members of the TRIBUSANA team because, through their contributions in relation to “the colors of the rainbow”, we have created synergies that allow us to inspire more “healthy tribes” around the world in a fun and attainable manner, both in children and adults as well.

We start with my contribution of why you want to EAT the colors of the rainbow and continue with…

Cristina Gutiérrez

Theatrical Performer, Storyteller and Songwriter

“Savoring” the colors of the rainbow

Cristi is a woman full of creativity, in love with the world of interpretations and children, and who decided to reinvent herself a few years ago. She put aside her work in corporate marketing and, to her delight, began to orient her work and time towards her true passion: the world of interpretation.

Although she is able to captivate the attention of an audience of any age with her excitement and emotions, her greatest weakness are children because she adores them. For this reason, she has always taken advantage of the magic that she has to offer to inspire great values in the little ones through her storytelling and theater classes.

In addition to her narrations, poetry presentations and theater workshops, she is currently collaborating with TRIBUSANA because healthy eating is a topic that is beginning to resonate with her a lot.

Upon discovering our project and our desire to reach children from a very young age, she became very enthusiastic about the idea of contributing her grain of sand by helping us to make children more mindful of how important it is to eat foods that grow from Mother Nature to better their health through her stories, songs and theatrical performances.

Thanks to her amusing sense of humor and creativity, we hope to reach more children (and their families) with our message, and inspire them to form part of our “revolution” from an early age so that they can avoid the onset of diseases that are so easily preventable.

Verónica Perona

Child-Adolescent Psychologist and Storytelling-Therapist

“Feeling” the colors of the rainbow

From the world of psychology, Veronica joins our revolution with her “Come let me tell you” project.

Being a child and adolescent psychologist and mother of two children, she has always felt a great attraction towards the world of children and adolescents because she is passionate about what they can teach us. Veronica considers them her main teachers to be able to continue growing every day.

Professionally, she has always tried to accompany children and their families in the face of psycho-affective difficulties. However, since she became a mother, her desire to contribute to the world through prevention has grown stronger. She started the project “Come let me tell you” as a way to get closer to families of children in early childhood (0-6 years old) so that from the beginning a strong and secure bond will be created within the family nucleus capable of overcoming any life obstacle.

On a more personal front, healthy eating has been a fundamental pillar in her day-to-day life because it is coherent with her way of life. She has also been able to experience the healing power of natural foods to alleviate and prevent diseases when they are introduced with awareness, love and respect, valuing the psychic, emotional and physical needs of each being.

Her way of approaching children and their families goes far beyond knowing the initial problem or obstacle (symptoms). She tries to dig deeper into their life history, customs, desires, needs (origin) in order to facilitate a real and profound change that may lead them to a fuller and more satisfying life.

By forming part of the TRIBUSANA team, she hopes to bring this holistic vision to every home and share the great value of a healthy and balanced diet with love and respect. She considers that “we are what we eat, and that this is intricately linked to how we feel in each facet of our lives and experiences.”

Begoña García Bernácer

Community Manager

“Managing” the colors of the rainbow

Begoña studied agronomists and during the first years of her career she was working in the management of environmental projects.

Five years ago he launched himself into the world of online entrepreneurship and, thanks to this, he contributes a multitude of digital tools to TRIBUSANA so that the other members of the team can put all their energy and focus on reaching and awakening more families about the importance of giving more priority to your health and quality of life by cooking and eating healthier at home.

Gulnara Sabirova

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

“Drawing” the colors of the rainbow

Gulnara is a designer and a mom of two small boys (age 4 and 7). She creates cute illustrations, coloring pages and fun drawing activities for children.

She has been working alongside the founder of TRIBUSANA since its beginnings, creating fun artwork, calendars, and other interactive materials that complement the main messages shared during our workshops and presentations to children in schools, parent organizations, and other family-oriented and community centers.

To ensure that all her illustrations and activity pages are inspiring and captivating for young children, they are first run by her two sons for approval before publishing them.

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