Building mindful connections through real food

Building mindful connections through real food

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


Florencia Zulberti

Founding Chef

“Eating” the colors of the rainbow

I consider myself a nomad on a mission because I don’t really have a sense of “origin” but I do have a strong sense of purpose or “ikigai” (as the Japanese call it).

After growing up in Kenya for over 16 years and spending another 6 years studying and working in Canada and the United States, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Health, a Master’s degree in Public Health, and over 20 years of work experience in the field of international public health, mainly in the area of prevention. Although I stopped working when I became a full-time mother for 4 years while living in Switzerland, my personal and professional journey has always been driven by my passion for cooking, traveling and sharing the lessons I have gained along the way to improve the wellbeing of others.

I managed to unite these three underlying interests when I moved to Spain in 2017 and decided to pursue a new professional endeavor by studying to become a Professional Chef. This enabled me to work at a prestigious wellness clinic for a year, where I had the great privilege of connecting with guests through my cooking classes and inspiring them to embrace a new way of cooking, eating and healing.

It was this experience that inspired me to found TRIBUSANA at the beginning of 2020 because I realized that most people wait until they hit the wall of illness before making a significant change in their eating habits and lifestyle.

With this renewed sense of purpose and urgency, I felt “at home” again professionally as I returned to the world of disease prevention but this time through the promotion of more mindful way of eating because it became clear to me that our long-term quality of life (and that of the planet’s) is in our hands…or rather in every bite we eat.

That is why today I am very happy to present to you the following members of the TRIBUSANA team because, through their contributions in relation to “the colors of the rainbow”, we have created synergies that allow us to inspire more “healthy tribes” around the world in a fun and attainable manner, both in children and adults as well.

We start with my contribution of why you want to EAT the colors of the rainbow and continue with…

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Florencia Zulberti