Building mindful connections through real food

Building mindful connections through real food

We all know how failure to plan is a recipe for disaster, particularly when hunger strikes, and how this can lead us to make the unhealthiest food choices. As our logo suggests, we believe that at the heart of a healthy home is the kitchen.

Our Mission

AT TRIBUSANA, we want to share with you practical tips and strategies so that you can turn your kitchen into your family’s favourite playground. As we guide you through this transition, we will also share with you some simple, yet versatile, recipes that you can easily adapt to whatever is being grown locally and is in season at your destination. This way, you will always find healthy food options in your home readily available.

Our Vission

AT TRIBUSANA, we want to “wake up” children and their parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters and the like, on why we need to stop making unacceptable choices acceptable, and learn to take better control over our quality of life so that “healthy tribes” around the world become a reality.


Because we see several PROBLEMS in our society and in our unhealthy relationship with food, which we call:

The 5 Pains

1. People want to eat more healthy but do not know where to start.

2. People are prioritising comfort and convenience over their own health and quality of life.

3. People have «normalised overweight and obesity», and have accepted that growing old is synonymous with chronic illnesses, lack of mobility and a poor quality of life.

4. People get inspire to change their lifestyle only after crashing into the wall of disease and burnout.

5. Sugar and refined foods are highly addictive foods and yet they are the first thing we offer children as a reward for good behaviour, and consume in large amounts during celebrations.

Our SOLUTION is to empower families with science-based, practical strategies that they can easily incorporate into their homes. We call these:

Our 5 Pillars

1. What we cook matters (FOOD CHOICES)

  • Eat the colours of the rainbow as mother nature intended to maximise their health benefits 

  • Avoid processed, refined and sugar-added foods

  • Maximise nutrients and reduce your carbon footprint by buying seasonal and locally grown (0 km) fruits and vegetables

2. How we cook matters (COOKING METHOD)

  • Cook at low temperatures to conserve nutrients

  • Avoid using too much oil, salt or water to maximise the flavours and health benefits of foods

3. Where we cook matters (COOKWARE)

  • Avoid modifying the natural flavours of food 

  • Avoid contamination by heavy metal and plastics (i.e., non-stick surfaces)

4. Who we socialise with matters (CREATE YOUR TRIBE)

  • We are hard-wired to socialise and cooking healthy recipes together can be a fun, team building activity

  • Involve the children in the kitchen from an early age and let healthy habits be part of your legacy to them

  • Create a supportive network that will accompany you through this journey of change

5. The sustainability of our actions matters (MINDFUL LIVING)

  • Understand that we are not visitors on planet Earth but rather form an integral part of its ecosystem

  • Every action we can take in support of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations for 2030 does make a difference

  • With respect and integrity, we need to become more mindful of what we buy, how we use it and how we throw it away.

What do our clients say?

Diana, Geneva, SWITZERLAND


«Just wanted to say thank you for taking me through the cooking demonstration yesterday. The vegetable lasagna was really delicious and so was your apple and carrot cake. My daughter loves it!»


Orsi, Mutxamel, SPAIN


«Thank you for making our family more aware of the importance of eating the colours of the rainbow. The other day my son actually asked me if he could eat more spinach to be fast and strong before his first BMX bike race! Clearly he remembers well the benefits of eating his greens.”


Luisa, Brussels, BELGIUM


«Florencia showed me there is an effortless path to a colourful and healthy life, in harmony with the environment and respecting the seasons. Even for timeless professionals like me! It was a nice journey.»


Antonio, Alicante, SPAIN


“As a single-father, I do not have much time to cook or learn many new healthy recipes. Your granola recipe has been a real life-saver because I cook it once a week to have as a healthy breakfast, dessert or snack option, and I have also learned to turn it into cookies for the kids.»


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